Benefits of Training

  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Increase driver awareness
  • Improve corporate image

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What makes a good driver?

To be a successful driver is more than just having vehicle-handling skills. It is about having a healthy attitude combined with strong self-discipline and knowledge, coupled with the desire to practice and to perfect personal driving standards each and every time the vehicle is driven. It is to strive forward to a new level of accuracy and smoothness, to aim at consistently producing a drive that is to the very highest of standards.

Many a person has been heard to boast to his or her peers of how well they managed to control a skid, or how they had the ‘skill’ to get themselves out of a situation by producing some trick or other at the crucial moment. The real truth is that if that individual had any real driving skill and ability, they would not have found themselves in a difficult situation in the first place. In almost every case a perceived level of ability is set much higher than in reality.

On the road there are many hazards confronting a driver whom, with a sound level of skill, awareness and knowledge, can considerably reduce the risks to him, his vehicle occupants and other road users by being well equipped to deal with these hazards. Highly developed observation, planning and a sense of anticipation will see each hazardous situation being dealt with in a systematic and safe manner that leaves nothing to chance.

At Advance Driving Academy we help people to develop a true driving skill - the ability to move a vehicle along the road accurately, safely and smoothly, with flow and pace, without breaking any rules of the road nor indulging in anti-social driver behavior.

No matter how high the level of skill, or how well we drive, if we cannot accept that no matter how old or how experienced we are, there is always something more we can learn or improve upon, then we are nowhere near as good as we might like to think we are. 

We offer the following training

Training_4x4  Training_Defensive_driving   Training_Defensive_driving_truck
 Training_Defensive_driving_BVO  Training_Dangerous_goods  Training_Backhoe
 Training_Forklift  Training_Reach_stacker  Training_Telescopic_handler


What benefits are there for me as an employer?

  • Protect your personnel, using the most proven and well-established, practical training methodology in the world, combined with international "best knowledge" for the theory aspects.
  • Reduce disruption, not only in the workplace but also to your clients, by reducing the risk of crashes. Consider the loss of business as a result of a customer not being called on or the disruption with deliveries as a result of vehicle and personnel downtime.
  • Reduce maintenance and fuel costs. True advanced driving reduces wear and tear to vehicles and, together with specific advice  provided during courses, it helps to significantly reduce fuel consumption as well.
  • Good for the environment. In addition to safer driving the skills learned will impact positively on the environment by reducing C02 emissions

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